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OneJar Consulting

Success in life and business requires a multitude of tools.
Research and strategy determine which tools to use and when.
Experience and expertise optimize the process to enhance synergy and growth.
At OneJar Consulting, our systematic approach keeps everything you need for success in OneJar.

Why OneJar consulting

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Strategic growth

OneJar consulting combines traditional and new age business principles to ensure a strong foundation for sustainable growth. We connect with you and your business to develop and implement custom strategy that realizes your goals and will guide you through measured progress. No matter where you are in your process, we will meet you there to empower growth.



How it works

Establish your goals

Customize your jar

What we do

The OneJar methodology:

Plans are nothing

Planning is everything

Who we are

Our experience and expertise


  • Industry analysis
  • Objective analysis
  • Scope analysis
  • Requirement analysis
  • Technical analysis
  • Market analysis


  • Industry leader modeling
  • Project portfolio planning
  • Roadmap & milestone creation
  • Metric establishment
  • Product development
  • Go to market strategy


  • Project management
  • Role accountability 
  • Responsibility assignmnet
  • Task scheduling
  • Review and reporting
  • Metric analysis


  • Branding
  • Content strategy, curation, & management
  • Campaigns: SEO, PPC, PPV
  • Tangible events
  • Sales channel development


  • Leadership coaching
  • Team dynamics
  • Community & demographic optimization
  • Social media management
  • Data acquisition & CRM


  • Cloud migration
  • Web site & mobile app design & development
  • Graphics
  • Team & task management software

Lets Work Together

We begin our process with the OneJar orientation.
We will get to know each other and explore your business and goals.

    Establish your goals and create your prioritized project portfolio


    Our team heads back to do research and run market & industry analysis


    Actionable next steps are prepared and customized with your input

We meet again to tailor your plan of action and the metrics we will use to track progress and growth.
With a high level view of what is ahead, you decide which plan is best for you:


Consulting Pack
  • With defined goals and a roadmap to guide us, our teams work hand in hand.
  • Our team begins to log hours and your plan is implemented.
  • Regular meetings, check ins, and workshops are scheduled as needed.
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Consulting Pack
  • Projects are selected for our teams to accomplish together
  • Roadmaps, milestones, and metrics are established
  • Pricing for each project is agreed upon and billing is seperated by milestones
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Consulting Pack
  • This package creates a partnership between our teams
  • Starting values are recorded and goals for results are set
  • As projects show dividens, we share at an agreed upon percentage
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Part Of Our Team?

  • Business Development Manager

    Organized and well-connected Business Development Manager focused on solution selling to build trusted relationships with companies.

  • Project Lead

    We are home to a team of smart, driven consultants and leaders who come to work every day to think, grow, and achieve.

  • Business Solutions Analyst

    Consulting provide a hybrid of business and strategy acumen paired with the know-how to execute even tough client problems.

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